Braincademy 2010/2011


Due to the rapid spread of smartphones in recent years many young users are used to control electrical devices via finger and the associated terminology is known. During winter semester 2010/2011 i had the idea for a learning game for Multi-Touch devices and developed a prototype of this edutainment application i named “Braincademy”. It was supposed to teach pupils on high school how the Bubble sort algorithm works.
Unlike the previous project (the math learning game), the focus here was on usability and the design.
Multi-Touch-Table – Braincademy

Besides the actual game, I also developed a small drawing application during this semester, which also can be operated with fingers.
Multi-Touch-Table – Drawing Applikation BETA


The application runs on TUIO (Tangible User Interface Objects) Multi-touch tables, native Windows-based PCs and all Flash-enabled touch devices.

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