Making The Game – Teil 18: Konzept zum schulischen Einsatz und Ausblick


In summary it can be said that the objectives of the work have been achieved, although not all planned components of the application were implemented. Therefore this elements had to be added to the actual game before useing it in schools. This includes not only the creation of the particular subject-appropriate questions further a training mode is needed for the practical use.However, the quiz show is already fully implemented in the current version.
Concept for schools
Since the application was developed primarily for use in schools, a concept of how the application will be used there is essential. As described previously the game is a “drill and practice”-application. Since no instructions are given on the subject, knowledge must have been passed in the previous lessons to the students.
The used questions of the game should be tested before the lessen by the teacher, so that only the material taught is queried.
At the beginning of the lesson, the class should be divided into equal-sized groups of about five students. Depending on the existing multi-touch hardware two groups, with the use of desktop computers, or three, with the use of larger devices such as multi-touch tables, are assigned to a unit.
Whereas the use of desktop devices only allowes one player per group to operate the multi-touch screen, a player has be choosen before each question. The cutscenes are the perfect time for the exchange of the players.
Since the game is very easy to understand and operate, the students can work independently on it. The teacher collectes the scores of each group after each round and records them on the board.
After each round played, the contracting groups are replaced, so that different groups compete against each other. Since a round needs between seven and ten minutes three to four rounds can be played per lessen.
At the end of the lesson, the individual results of the groups are added together, and a winner is determined.
With the announcement of Microsoft, that in September 2012 the upcoming operating system Windows 8 is preferred to use touch-events as input mechanism, it is most likely that a change in user interface design will occur.
The resulting benefits, which were discussed in this blog-series, will make the use of computers for young and old more easy. So the step to development NUI-applications should be made as soon as possible.

Since the programmers point of view was a little short in this series next week a new blog series called “How to …” starts which exclusively deals with Flash programming. This provides various approaches how I solved problems in the development of my application and how different tasks have been addressed in detail.


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