Making The Game – Prolog


Who expected that this blog is a description how to program a game in a short time will be disappointed.
The focus of this blog, alongside the development of a edutainment-game as part of my master thesis, is on the possibilities and capabilities of the current Multi-Touch-Hardware and applications and their use in education and training.
Due to the rapid spread of smartphones in recent years many young users are used to control electrical devices via finger and the associated terminology is known.
Experts believe that in the coming months and years the PC market is gradually conquered by this new technology, which is so far almost exclusively used in smartphones. These technical improvements will make it easier for users to control computers more intuitive and easier.
In this blog I will discuss among other things, the benefits of this new technology, compare them with traditional approaches and present different touch-enabled devices on which to run my learning application.
Of course, the focus is always on the actual goal:
The development of a game for touch devices

Upcoming blog entries
Making the Game – Part 1: My past experience with Multi-Touch applications
Making the Game – Part 2: Technical basics
Making the Game – Part 3: Multi-Touch Framework (Adobe Flash / Air)
Making the Game – Part 4: Multi-touch devices and their limits

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