Braincademy live at indiegogo

As some of you know I have been working for over a year on my project Braincademy. Initially, it was ‘only’ a part of my Master’s thesis, but after the CeBIT, I knew that this application should not disappear in the drawer. So I decided to participate on a contest that was announced in partnership with IndieGoGo and Google on Objective of the current phase of the competition is to find sponsors to help raise money to put the idea into action. Google sponsors the best of the successful projects by doubling the collected seed capital. Now it’s up to you. If you can not donate anything be so […]

Call me Master of the Universe… or another!

Now it’s official and I can call myself a Master of Science (M. Sc.). After my outstanding performance in my master’s thesis (jepp, 1.0 … what else?) I allow myself to relax a little and do a little holiday. Although standing in my testimony that I would have taken four semesters (the 4th, which begins right now and ends in 5 months …), but only because I had to matriculate for the submission of work, and my master’s colloquium, although the work was written in the last semester. But knowing that I actually needed three semesters instead of the usual 4 makes me proud. 😉 It was also suggested by […]


CeBIT 2012 – Recap

I’m a little late with my CeBIT report because I had a lot to do with my thesis and some other projects …simply too much. But better late than never.   As mentioned before, I had the honor to present my master thesis and another project I worked in (Smart Home Control) at the CeBIT in Hanover.   Arrival: As the CeBIT opened its doors on Tuesday, we arrived on Monday afternoon, to set up our exhibits. What surprised me most was the presence of security measures that existed on the site … there were no. Without authentication, we strolled with our computers and other utensils to our hall and […]

Long time no see

Through a lot of tasks since December – CeBIT, lectures, my master’s thesis and other projects – I was not able to post anything as initially promised. However, since I finished my thesis I’ll make up a little more time to describe step by step the development of my program and discuss interesting and important aspects of the development of NUI applications. See you next Week!    


Natural User Interface Vortrag am 05.12.2011 in Darmstadt

An diesem Montag ist es soweit und ich trage in Darmstadt einen Vortrag über Natural User Interfaces. Darin berichte ich nicht nur von der Entwicklung von Benutzeroberflächen im allgemeinen, sondern gehe auch in die Programmierung und gebe einige Beispiele auf welche Punkte man bei NUI-Anwendungen, im Gegensatz zu normalen GUI-Anwendungen, achten muss.   Für alle interessierten stelle ich die Vortragsfolien und die vorgestellten Beispiele (Flash) hier zum Download bereit. Vortragsfolien   TouchEvent Beispiel   GestureEvent Beispiel   Gruß, Max    

QR-Code – Facebook Fanpage – Google+

Sometimes you find pretty amusing things while playing with technology. And so it happened that in the QR code of the link to my Making the Game Category looked a bit like Wally from “Where is Wally?”. And so I proudly present you my “Making the Game – Where is Wally”-QR-Code     Furthermore, I wanted to mention again that I have now a Facebook fan page and Google+ Page … just because a lot of sites I know have a appearance on social Pages. For this reason, like, share and +1′ like crazy.   Facebook:                     Google+:       […]

CeBIT 2012

There are certain news where you are proud to announce them. This is one of them.   I will present my master’s thesis from 06 to 10 March at the CeBIT 2012 in Hannover, Germany. With the slogan “Natural User Interface Learning Applications”, I will present the prototype of my educational application and give all visitors the opportunity to test its intuitive control via body movement and touch screen input. In the category “Making the Game” on my blog you already can get some information about the progress of my final thesis.   Even though it still is a bit down until then, I wanted to share this information today […]

Neue Kategorien und Funktionen

During the last days, some things have changed here. On the one hand we added at the top level domain There is also a new categorie with the same name in which i will post articles related to my master thesis. On the other hand, I have now extended the comment function. Now you can choose whether between standard comments or post it via Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, do not forget to become a fan of our growing community. 😉 ( link to the Facebook fan page ) And the best news for all the foreign readers: I had enough time to translate quite all Articles into english. Please […]

Alles neu macht der Juni

Und endlich ein neues Layout. Nach vier Jahren mit meinem alten Layout habe ich mich endlich mal dazu entschieden meine Seite 100%ig zu überarbeiten und habe einfach alles auf meinem Webserver platt gemacht. Zwar ist es schade um die letzte Version meiner Seite, die komplett in JavaScript geschrieben war und dynamisch irgendwelche sinnlosen Phrasen an den Kopf warf, aber man muss ja mit der Zeit gehen. Außerdem brauche ich einfach einen Platz wo ich all meine Projekte mal zusammenfassen und Vorstellen kann. Dafür habe ich ja nun meine “Labs” und “Projects” Kategorien um interessante Projekte und andere technische Spielereien *hust* cross-protocol-scripting und Schutzmaßnahmen gegen andere hacker-spielchen *hust* vorzustellen. Das Layout […]