Call me Master of the Universe… or another!

Now it’s official and I can call myself a Master of Science (M. Sc.).
After my outstanding performance in my master’s thesis (jepp, 1.0 … what else?) I allow myself to relax a little and do a little holiday.

Although standing in my testimony that I would have taken four semesters (the 4th, which begins right now and ends in 5 months …), but only because I had to matriculate for the submission of work, and my master’s colloquium, although the work was written in the last semester. But knowing that I actually needed three semesters instead of the usual 4 makes me proud. 😉

It was also suggested by several people to submit my work (in revised form) at the CeBIT Award 2013.
If I am there I will of course write a post (after the “Making The Game” series) about the development of my new application, but one by one.

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