Neue Kategorien und Funktionen

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During the last days, some things have changed here. On the one hand we added at the top level domain There is also a new categorie with the same name in which i will post articles related to my master thesis. On the other hand, I have now extended the comment function. Now you can choose whether between standard comments or post it via Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, do not forget to become a fan of our growing community. 😉 ( link to the Facebook fan page ) And the best news for all the foreign readers: I had enough time to translate quite all Articles into english. Please […]

Making The Game – Teil 1: Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen mit Multi-Touch Anwendungen

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If you know me personally or have been a bit of rummaging in my blog you will know that I have already developed multi-touch applications and games during my studies.   These applications were written, in contrast to my current project, specifically for the Multi-Touch-Table in the graphics lab of the department of computer science, which had the disadvantage that these programs could only be tested and demonstrated there. Due to the technical progress since these days affordable Touch-PCs are available on the market. This has the advantage that Touch Applications can now be developed and tested at home.   In my Project i will use the MSI Wind Top […]


Making The Game – Prolog

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Who expected that this blog is a description how to program a game in a short time will be disappointed.   The focus of this blog, alongside the development of a edutainment-game as part of my master thesis, is on the possibilities and capabilities of the current Multi-Touch-Hardware and applications and their use in education and training. Due to the rapid spread of smartphones in recent years many young users are used to control electrical devices via finger and the associated terminology is known. Experts believe that in the coming months and years the PC market is gradually conquered by this new technology, which is so far almost exclusively used […]


Braincademy 2010/2011

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Due to the rapid spread of smartphones in recent years many young users are used to control electrical devices via finger and the associated terminology is known. During winter semester 2010/2011 i had the idea for a learning game for Multi-Touch devices and developed a prototype of this edutainment application i named “Braincademy”. It was supposed to teach pupils on high school how the Bubble sort algorithm works.   Unlike the previous project (the math learning game), the focus here was on usability and the design.   Multi-Touch-Table – Braincademy   Besides the actual game, I also developed a small drawing application during this semester, which also can be operated […]


Mathe-Lernspiel für Kinder 2009/2010

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During winter semester 2009/2010 I created a prototype of a children’s learning game in which pupils had to solve mathematical tasks by writing the answers down on the screen. The program was written in ActionScript 3 and Flash. The main task of this project war to recognize the handwritten answer and to compare it with the proper solution. The program was designed for pre- and primary school children to bring them closer to math. It was also supposed for demonstrational purposes during Open Day. The mascot “Lilo” (shown at the beginning of the video below) should encourage the children to keep on learning and playing.   Multi-Touch Mathe-Lernspiel für Kinder […]

Alles neu macht der Juni

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Und endlich ein neues Layout. Nach vier Jahren mit meinem alten Layout habe ich mich endlich mal dazu entschieden meine Seite 100%ig zu überarbeiten und habe einfach alles auf meinem Webserver platt gemacht. Zwar ist es schade um die letzte Version meiner Seite, die komplett in JavaScript geschrieben war und dynamisch irgendwelche sinnlosen Phrasen an den Kopf warf, aber man muss ja mit der Zeit gehen. Außerdem brauche ich einfach einen Platz wo ich all meine Projekte mal zusammenfassen und Vorstellen kann. Dafür habe ich ja nun meine “Labs” und “Projects” Kategorien um interessante Projekte und andere technische Spielereien *hust* cross-protocol-scripting und Schutzmaßnahmen gegen andere hacker-spielchen *hust* vorzustellen. Das Layout […]


Clickjacking – Wie ich dich dazu brachte meine Seite auf Facebook zu „liken“

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Wenn du diesen Artikel direkt nach dem Betrachten meiner „Startseite“ siehst wurdest du soeben ge-Clickjacked. Nun keine Sorge, auch wenn es sich schlimm anhören mag ist eben nichts schlimmes passiert. Aber gehen wir die Sache einmal langsam an. Was ist Clickjacking? Clickjacking ist eine Technik bei der ein „Angreifer“ (in diesem Falle ich) die Darstellung einer Webseite so bearbeitet dass der normale Nutzer einen vermeindlich harmlosen Mausklick durchführt, dabei jedoch im Hintergrund eine andere, oft unerwünschte Funktion ausführt. Dies wird dadurch bewerkstelligt indem dargestellte Objekte überlagert oder ausgeblendet werden. Tatsächlich wird jedoch genau dieses versteckte Objekt / die versteckte Funktion durch den Benutzer ausgelöst. Während der Benutzer nun denkt er […]